A Business Along The Highway Is Both An Opportunity And A Threat

A Business Along The Highway Is Both An Opportunity And A Threat

A business along a highway is both an opportunity and a threat. It could bring business to your area, or take it away. The key to success is to carefully analyze the location of your business, and consider all factors that might affect it. Learn more about locational factors, permitted uses, and construction costs.

Permitted uses

The city or county that issues the permit may determine what types of businesses are allowed in the area. The zoning regulations for this area may differ from those of the surrounding communities. In general, a business must be in a unified development and the development must be on the same side of the highway. Individual lots within the development must be contiguous except for access roads. The city or county should approve the boundaries and zoning plan for any proposed development. There must also be a common area or shared common space for the development.

Highway-oriented businesses play a vital role in the community’s business pattern. Planning studies suggest that a community should adopt a policy that encourages this type of business. Some municipalities have tried to create a highway business district. However, these attempts have not yet met with success. The basic function of a city is to serve as a central place. This means that the area where the most people travel and profit is located should be a central part of the city.

Cost of construction

Infrastructure issues affect every business, from small businesses to large corporations. Whether it’s delivering goods and services or running supply chains, efficient transportation is essential. When traffic backs up, deliveries and appointments get pushed back. This leads to less revenue for businesses of all sizes. Even small onsite service providers have to reduce their schedules to avoid traffic congestion. Large companies like UPS lose $114 million a year to delays and lost revenue.


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