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ABCya isn’t just an alphabet game site. They offer an entire library of high-quality learning games spanning a variety of topics. They also come in a variety of styles and can be played on most devices. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a game for your child. Read on to learn more about ABCya games and what it can do for your child. Let’s get started!

ABCya features educational games for kids that teach them alphabet letters, nouns and verbs, out of sight words, and more. The site offers games for different grades, including preschoolers and older children. Games are divided into various categories including alphabetical order, nouns and verbs, spelling spree, and talk to me alphabet. There are also games for kids learning about time and the elements of the Earth.

Categories of games

ABCya offers a variety of educational games. In addition to learning the alphabet, kids can practice their typing skills with games like Ghost Typing, Cup Stacking Typing, Keyboard Challenge, Owl Planes Typing, and Keyboarding Zoo. In the categories of math, kids can explore number patterns with Base Ten Blocks. These virtual blocks can be used to teach students addition, multiplication, division, and time.

Aligned to Common Core

ABCya’s game library includes games that reinforce many of the Common Core State Standards, including math. The games’ alphabet and sight words are reinforced through word searches, matching and counting. Many of the games also ask students to measure objects in centimeters and inches, a skill critical to Common Core math standards. Listed below are some of the most popular ABCya games and their Common Core alignment.

Safety of games

The ABCYA app is a great educational resource for children. ABCYA games help kids learn how to read, write, and create stop-motion animation. They can also learn how to type and practice internet safety. ABCYA has a wide range of games for children of all ages, including brain-teaching strategy games. While some of these games contain ads, most are safe for children to play. They are also designed with parents in mind.

Availability of games

ABCya is a fantastic resource for teachers because it is designed to build educational fluency and influence student creativity. Its games are designed for different grade levels and subject areas, and can also be played individually. Many games are aligned with Common Core State Standards. Some games require guidance from a teacher, but they are easy to use. The platform is easy to navigate, but kids might need a little assistance in selecting the right game for their age group or grade level.


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