Apex Legends Fight Night Update

Apex Legends Fight Night Update

If you’ve been playing Apex Legends, you’ve probably noticed the latest Fight Night update. The new content includes bug fixes, changes to ring closure, MRVNs, and Ramparts. Let’s take a look at some of the main changes. Besides the addition of new characters and items, the Fight Night Collection Event is also free for all Apex Legends players.

Bug fixes

There have been a few changes to Apex Legends’ legends in the latest patch. While the majority of the changes are bug fixes, a few notable additions include a minor buff to Rampart and Caustic. Mirage will also receive a notable improvement in the new patch, with audible footsteps on her decoys. Here are a few other changes made to the game’s battle royale mode.

As for the Fight Night event, players can expect to see a new cosmetic set called Lifeline Heirloom. The event will also have double XP awarded for Top 5’s and wins over the weekend. This change will affect their Battle Pass progression. Another change made to the fight night event is the fix for some bugs. In addition to bug fixes, Apex Legends’ version 1.21 will also fix some lag and stuttering issues.

Players who teleported with Revenant when he had low health will no longer experience audio glitches. Thermite damage won’t creep up when a player uses it. Thermite damage is no longer displayed on Decoys. Players will no longer get stuck in the ring when they use a Death Totem. Players will be able to enter the Fight Night ring using the jump pad. The player’s weapon won’t be drawn when using a Jump Pad. Players can now join teams via the join button in the game’s lobby.

Loba won’t trigger the “Amped Cover” prompt if they leave the game before landing. The enemy’s Lifeline won’t be able to get into unallowed areas. Caustic gas no longer blocks the first person view. And lastly, the UI for the Valkyrie Ult no longer blocks the view of the player while they are moving. Another big change is the removal of the Wraith’s boxing ring animation. Finally, Nessie from Watton’s epic emote will no longer fall over dead when she wears the Legendary skin.

In addition to the bug fixes, the patch also includes several cosmetic changes. Players can now earn Gibraltar Heirloom when they collect all 24 limited-time cosmetics. MRVNs have also been brought back to Olympus, giving players loot of varying rarity. They’re also worth collecting yellow faces, which is why the game’s new fight night event will be starting on January 5.

Changes to ring closure

The new update for Apex Legends brings a few quality of life improvements. Most notably, a new button is available to remove red dots from the menu. The new button, “Mark All Seen,” can be found on the Legends tab and the Loadout tab. Additionally, if your teammates can reach a nearby respawn beacon before the next ring engulfs it, you can click it to mark your location.

The latest patch for Apex Legends has made a couple of adjustments to the Ring’s closing point. The radius of Ring Five and Ring Six have been increased from 1,500 units to 2,000 units. Moreover, the closing point on Ring Five will be closer to the center. The ring will only be closed on Olympus for the next week, but competitive matches will still be played on World’s Edge.

The ring will no longer be closed when players aren’t in the ring, making for more fun. The boxing ring, along with the controlled melee fights, are both new additions to the Fight Night experience. While they could stand to be improved, they do add a lot to the experience. While the boxing element is the most unique feature of Apex Legends, it will be nice to get more enjoyment from the combat itself.

Update 1.55 has brought with it some minor meta tweaks. While this update does remove the Caustic buff, the cooldown on Nox Gas Trap has remained unchanged. It was previously stated that it was supposed to be 20 seconds. Another major change involves the new Horizon, which received its first nerf since Season 7. While the new ring has been performing well, players will now have to wait longer before using it.

Changes to MRVNs

Changes to MRVNs in the Apex Legends fight night will introduce the new Loot-Giving MRVNs. These robotic robots, similar to Pathfinder, will reward players with loot from the fights they are involved in. Players can use the arm of one of these robots to receive gold-level items. As a result, players will be able to obtain new gear and cosmetics, including more rare and powerful gear.

In addition, the new Gibraltar heirloom cosmetic will be available after the event ends. Ring Five and Ring Six have different radiuses now. The closing point for Ring Five has changed to be closer to the center of Ring Five. As of the time of writing, normal Apex Legends matches will be held on Olympus only for the next week, while competitive Apex Legends matches will still be held at World’s Edge.

The new MRVNs will now give you more nice loot. While they can no longer be destroyed, they can be taken down for loot. Unlike in the previous update, players can now accept the loot MRVNs give them. The different face colors will indicate the level of loot they give. The white face will give players common loot, while blue and purple face MRVNs will reward players with rare, epic and legendary loot.

New changes to MRVNs will impact players’ gameplay and quality of life. In addition to improving the quality of combat, players can now trigger the Ultimate Accelerants by pressing the corresponding button. This should make it easier for them to stay on top of their game. The changes to MRVNs will go live on January 5th. The game’s latest update will have a number of small changes to the game.

MRVNs will also become more useful during the Apex Legends fight night event. There will be more drop locations, more MRVNs, and more supply drops. Additionally, players will be able to receive fully-kitted weapons and armor during these drops. Unfortunately, these drop items are not instant, and players must wait for them to arrive. They take about fifteen minutes to drop, but they are an excellent source of gear.

Changes to Rampart

The changes to Rampart in Apex Legends fight nights have been announced, and the first one involves the cooldown for her tactical ability, Amped Cover. The new cooldown for Rampart will only take 20 seconds, whereas the original one was 30 seconds. Rampart also has some bug fixes, too. You can now run in walking mode with her sheila out, but her magazine will only last for one second. Sheila can be picked up again.

A new limited-time event called the Fight Night Collection Event is also being introduced in this new event. Previously, this event was set to start at 8 PM PT, but now it will go live at 10 AM PT. In addition to the new limited-time mode and new cosmetics, there are also some changes to Rampart. As a result, players can expect to see a buff to their favorite Legend.

The damage dealt by Hemlok will be reduced to 20 instead of 22. The pellet spread of the Mastiff has also been changed to spread more, reducing the chance of a sniper catching one of them. The range of the Mastiff’s sniper’s arrows has also been increased from four to six, so they can still be effective. The Rampart has a lot of potential, but you’ll need to know what to do when you’re facing it.


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