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How to Find a Board Game Geek

The online board gaming community, BoardGameGeek, is home to an extensive database of over 125,600 tabletop games. These include European-style board games, card games, and wargames. Those interested in learning more about board games can explore the website, which has over 3.5 million registered members. For gamers who enjoy the challenge and strategy of playing a variety of games, it is well worth a visit. To find the latest information on games, visit the BoardGameGeek homepage.

Reviewing board games

There are a variety of sites dedicated to reviewing board games. Board Game Geek is the granddaddy of all such sites. Not only do they feature reviews of new games, but they also offer information on the history of the game and an active marketplace to buy and sell used games. These sites are user-driven, making them a great resource for people who are new to board games and for experienced players alike. The website also features a board game glossary.

Rating board games

There are many ways to rate board games. There are different components of each game, including playing time, learning, and cost. Spider graphs, also called radar graphs, are the most accurate when visualizing similar objects and humans. Board games are rated by both the board gaming community and manufacturers. Here are some tips for rating board games. But remember to make it fair! Using the ratings in board games will allow consumers to choose the best game for their family or group of friends.

Finding gamers

To find other board game enthusiasts in your area, you can check out online communities, such as Reddit, where you can find discussions and communities about board games. These communities are usually active and include many people looking to start new gaming groups. You can try posting a request for gamers in your area on the relevant subreddits, and see if you get any replies. Another way to find board game gamers is to attend a convention. Board game conventions have an awesome atmosphere and often include demos, stalls, and open gaming. UK Games Expo and PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia are popular options.

Creating a board game page

Creating a page on BoardGameGeek is easy, but not everyone knows how to do it. Before you submit your game for inclusion in the BGG database, you must first talk to the publisher of the game you’re interested in. They may have some preferences regarding what types of content they like to see on the web. Some publishers may not want their game’s history posted online, and you may end up with a pending submission.

Creating an avatar

Creating an avatar for a board game fan on Reddit is not as difficult as it sounds. First, you must decide what type of image to upload. BoardGameGeek supports a variety of image formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TGA. The size of the image must be less than 100 kB, and it must be at least 64 x 64 pixels, as any larger image will be scaled down to fit on the profile.


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