Chocolate Wine

Chocolate Wines

Chocolate wine is made by heating hot wine and chocolate over a low heat. The chocolate can be of any type, although very sweet chocolate will change the flavor of the wine. Historically, bitter chocolate was preferred for chocolate wine. There are two main methods of making chocolate wine. One is by boiling the wine, while the other involves simmering the chocolate and wine over a low heat. The chocolate wine is served with finger foods.

Black Forest Waltz

The mid-Atlantic region has seen a resurgence in chocolate wine, and the Port of Leonardtown Winery in Maryland has found a niche for its sweet grape wine in the form of Black Forest Waltz. This wine, which has natural dark chocolate and cherry flavors, won the Maryland Governor’s Cup in September.


ChocoVine is a new chocolate wine that combines wine and chocolate. This once-unknown wine blend has experienced a 500% growth rate in four years. During 2011, it shipped over half a million cases. Although it tastes like chocolate, it is gluten-free and low-calorie, with a high antioxidant content.

ChocoVine is a blend of French Cabernet Sauvignon and rich Dutch chocolate. It is an ideal drink for special occasions and is not overly sweet or heavy. It can be served as a cocktail or as a dessert salute. ChocoVine is also lower in alcohol content than other chocolate drinks. It sips just like a wine, and you can even serve it over ice.

Red Decadence

This ruby red wine with a chocolate core is like a liquid chocolate truffle. Its natural chocolate core and creamy flavor will satisfy any chocolate craving. It is an excellent gift for a chocolate lover or a treat for yourself. For a truly decadent treat, try Red Decadence.

Red Decadence Chocolate Wine blends dark chocolate with hints of fruit. Its sweet flavor has a rich aroma of chocolate and cherry. Unlike other chocolate wines, it is not overly sweet. It is a smooth dessert wine that goes well with any meal.

Chocolate Shop

A proprietary blend of chocolate and red wine, Chocolate Shop wine is moderately sweet and a perfect match for chocolate lovers. Available in two varieties, this wine has 170 calories per five-ounce glass and a suggested retail price of $15 per 750 ml bottle. First launched at consumer chocolate exhibitions, the wine quickly gained a dedicated following.

The chocolate flavor of this wine is reminiscent of Hershey’s syrup or a sweet red wine. It also has a smooth silky finish. Even wine enthusiasts who are used to sipping dry wines will be surprised by this wine’s smooth and chocolate finish.

Cocoa de Vine

Cocoa de Vine Chocolate Wine is an American product made with rich chocolate cream from Wisconsin creameries, and a white wine blend from Argentine grapes. It offers rich chocolate flavors with undertones of vanilla and caramel. This product is ideal for desserts and has a shelf life of nine to twelve months.

The chocolate wine is a unique concoction that is a wonderful treat on its own. The rich flavor of chocolate is blended with the smooth and silky finish of wine. This delicious alcoholic beverage can be consumed chilled or at room temperature. Its sweet and rich flavor complements a variety of desserts and can be paired with many foods.


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