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How to Contact Comcast Customer Support

If you’re wondering how to contact Comcast customer support, here are a few tips. You can start by reviewing Comcast’s social media pages and calling tactics. If you have an issue or complaint, you can use the phone number found on their website to contact a live person or get an automated response. You can also check out the company’s social media accounts to see what other customers have to say about Comcast.

Comcast’s social media accounts

It’s hard to say for sure, but one company’s policy towards social media seems to be open and tolerant. Unlike some companies, such as Apple, Comcast had no policy against employees using social media. Instead, it paid agencies to perform “buzz” marketing and to seed conversations in message boards and chat rooms. After observing what employees were saying about the company, they reported back to the company. But social platforms arrived after that.

While many companies have automated customer service processes in place, some companies prefer to use employees’ discretion. Comcast, for example, allows employees to answer questions and resolve issues more naturally. By giving them the freedom to respond naturally, they can develop a more human relationship with their customers. In the end, they may be the only line of communication between customers and the company. They can’t afford to turn their social accounts into automated customer service.

Its call center tactics

If you’ve ever tried to cancel your cable or internet service with a Comcast phone number, you know how frustrating and unhelpful customer service representatives can be. However, despite Comcast’s enviable national reputation, it’s not always possible to solve problems with these companies through social media. A recent report reveals how Comcast’s “retention specialists” try to persuade customers to stay with the company.

The company’s own call center tactics are far from innocent. Reps are instructed to push a product, such as an internet speed upgrade, if possible, and are also taught to ask probing questions in an effort to convince customers to move. They are also warned not to be rude or communicate a sense of urgency. It’s not surprising that the Comcast call center tactics have earned the company an unfavorable reputation.

Its customer service

If you have ever tried to cancel a Comcast service, you know just how difficult it is. You might be tempted to call customer service, but the reps on the other end of the phone are typically as stubborn as they are unhelpful. The representative that you talk to on the other end will probably refuse to do anything about your account cancellation even after being put on hold for 10 minutes. In order to avoid getting the same treatment from Comcast reps, you might want to try calling the company’s social media accounts.

Comcast is one of the largest cable and broadband providers in the US, but it’s customer service is a major headache. As a matter of fact, Comcast ranks near the bottom of the American Customer Service Index for pay-TV companies. Tech journalist Ryan Block recently tried to disconnect his service from Comcast and was interrogated for ten minutes by a customer service rep. Block was furious at the rep’s rudeness and the sexism that came with his job description.


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