How to Get an Ethereum Prisoner ID Tag

An Ethereum Prisoner ID Tag is a rare item that can be obtained through grinding. Obtaining one will grant you a bonus of 500 reputation with the faction of your choice. You can earn these tags by completing quest lines in the Netherstorm. However, it is important to note that acquiring these tags will require the use of an Ethereum Prison Key, which is obtained through grinding.

Daily dungeon quests to farm Ethereum Prisoner Keys

A simple way to farm Ethereum Prisoner Keys is to perform daily dungeon quests in Shattrath City. Each of these quests will yield one Ethereum Prisoner Key as a reward. You can do up to 50 daily dungeon quests per character, which will yield a large amount of Ethereum Prisoner Keys in a short period of time.

To farm Ethereum Prisoner Keys, you can perform various dungeon quests in A Thousand Worlds. For example, you can complete the quest Purging the Chambers of Bash’ir by killing a mob with the key. Once you have defeated it, you can hand it in to Commander Ameer for loot. In addition, other players can attack the mob that was summoned from Ethereum Prison.

Using the Ethereum Prison Key on the sphere prison cage

The Ethereum Prison Key is a quest item that unlocks the Ethereum Staging Grounds in a quest area. It will release a level 71 mob that you can attack to get loot. Once defeated, you can hand the mob in to Commander Ameer for more rewards. You can also use this item to attack other players. This will give you a chance to drop a rare item.

The Ethereum Prison Key is obtained by completing the Daily Dungeon quest in Netherstorm. It will drop regardless of prerequisites, so you must complete the quest if you want to use the key. You can then use it on the Ethereum Prison to escape and turn it into the Consortium to unlock the Ethereum Stasis Chamber, which can be found in the Blade’s Edge Mountains. While this key is not a rare drop, it is still highly recommended as it will provide a great deal of rewards.

Using the Ethereum Prison Key to release a level 71 mob

Using the Ethereum Prison Key is a way to release a level 71 mob. The mob will drop loot when defeated and can be handed in to Commander Ameer. You can also use other players to attack the mob once it has been released. To get the best rewards, you should use this method to free the mob. You can use other players’ weapons to attack the mob you just released.


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