Is There No Goddess in My College Raw?

Is There No Goddess in My College Raw?

The Street Profits

“The Street Profits” tag team is one of the best new things on Raw this week. It’s hard to quantify “it” in the wrestling world, but these guys have it. Their crowd entrance, skill on the mic, and improv make them stand out. It could be an interesting pairing for a classic feud.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are the two stars of the Street Profits tag team. Together they’ve won three consecutive Tag Team Championships in WWE. This makes them one of the only tag teams to win three titles in as many weeks. In addition, they’ve also been champions on SmackDown and Raw.

Angelo Dawkins, who is 32 years old, is a member of The Street Profits, a tag team with a long history of success in the WWE. Dawkins, from Cincinnati, has fond memories of watching his favorite team compete at Nissan Stadium. Dawkins is proud to be a Cincinnati native.

The Street Profits’ success as tag team superstars can be attributed to their improv skills. The group’s ability to make their own moves sets them apart from the other Superstars in the industry. Their hilarious backstage antics put them above the rest. They’ve also become part of multiple highlights packages.

Despite being a college wrestler, Riddle has been working in the business for three years. He joined the company after becoming a YouTube star. Their main event will include a six-man tag team match. The Street Profits will face Roman Reigns and The Usos. The show will also feature Seth “Freakin” Rollins, Becky Lynch, and AJ Styles.

Alexa Bliss

When you look at the current lineup for Monday Night Raw, you will notice that Alexa Bliss is nowhere to be found. It’s not that she hasn’t had success; she has, after all, won multiple championships. However, she has not been seen on the show in a while. The most recent appearance of Alexa Bliss on the show was on August 9, 2021. This is the same night that Nia Jax defeated Charlotte in an in-ring match. In the meantime, there are plenty of questions regarding the future of this star.

In her early days, Bliss was a cheerleader at her high school, and was active in sports since her childhood. She graduated from college with an M.A. in Medical Dietetics from the University of Akron. She later became a professional wrestler, competing in women’s welterweight competitions. Today, Bliss is one of the top female wrestlers in the world, and she’s a mainstay of the pro wrestling roster.

Bliss has a poor respect for the WWE, and it shows. She is probably in cahoots with Ray Flook and Tony Khan. She has made it her mission to ruin the Chadster. Luckily, Booker T came to the rescue.

Alexa Bliss is back on Monday Night Raw and it has caught many fans off guard. The WWE did not announce her return, and it caught her and Five Feet of Fury fans by surprise. She won her first match against Sonya Deville and then defeated the former champion. She then fought Charlotte for the RAW Women’s Championship at RAW. She later beat Sonya Deville in a rematch and won the WWE 24/7 Championship.

The absence of Alexa Bliss has made the women’s division look strange. WWE needs to make this right. Getting Alexa Bliss back to RAW would not only improve the women’s division, but it would also help the overall direction of the women’s division. It would make the show more entertaining for the viewers. However, there are several reasons why Bliss’s absence on RAW is not a good thing for the company.

After the women’s division has been dominated by the Four Horsewomen, WWE needs to add more names. They need more stars and superstars to fill the women’s division.


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