The NFL playoffs were exciting. Last Sunday, Aaron Rodgers won the NFC North. But the Packers still have work to do to get the No. 1 seed in the NFC. The other game of the day is the Baker Mayfield versus the centre-back of the Browns. In the AFC North, it’s a must-watch game for Baker fans. You can catch all the action and excitement by tuning in to nfl

Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills came to the Indy Gashouse on Sunday, but their backup offense got gashed by the Colts’ starting defense on the opening drive. In six plays, the Bills marched downfield, with two plays of 25 yards or longer. After that, the Colts shut out the Bills’ offense, forcing a turnover on downs. Despite the scoreless first half, the Colts’ starting defense forced five turnovers and held Buffalo to only two field goals.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Chicago Bears

Whether you’re a sports fan or just someone looking to be entertained, you’ll want to watch the Kansas City Chiefs vs Chicago Bear’s NFL games today. The Chiefs are in need of a win and the Bears need a loss to extend their winning streak to 21 games. The Chiefs’ defense was impressive at times, but they need to improve on that.

Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers

One of the most highly anticipated games of this weekend is the Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steeler matchup. Both teams are coming off a loss to the Los Angeles Rams last week, and without quarterback Russell Wilson, the Seahawks are already 1-3. Without Wilson, the team will be even more bleak. The Pittsburgh Steelers, meanwhile, have two players who are ruled out, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Carlos Davis. Both are expected to go on injured reserve, but every other player has been able to practice this week.

Carolina Panthers vs Washington Commanders

There are many reasons to tune in to a Carolina Panthers vs Washington Commanders NFL game today. For starters, this game is a preseason game, and a good game can feature a compelling storyline. In this case, a storyline is a quarterback turnover, and Carson Wentz is the quarterback. The Panthers will look to capitalize on this by converting several fourth-and-one opportunities.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys

The NFL has moved some games to a more convenient time to watch them. The Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys game will kick off at 8:15 p.m. ET on Saturday. The Eagles and Cowboys played five times in the last five years, but the Dallas Cowboys hold a slight edge. Both teams have an 11-5 record.


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