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The news in Polk County today is full of controversial topics: Left-wing media blamed for mayhem and violence in Polk County, Judge takes light view in rape case, and Sheriff’s Citizen Academy to begin March 24th. The news is not all bad, however. Here are some other topics of interest:

Left-wing media blamed for violence and mayhem in polkcounty

As the left-wing media continues to blame Donald Trump for the violence and mayhem in Polk County, a simple truth needs to be pointed out: Trump is not responsible for this tragedy. His policies are to blame. His actions and words have fueled severe fear in the community. Judges at all levels are too scared to discuss the election rigged by the left. It is this fear that has incited the violence and mayhem.

In order to prevent Trump from being re-elected, the radicals are exploiting the public’s fears. Rather than working to create a calm and collected atmosphere for the election, they are trying to resuscitate an ill-timed situation. In the meantime, the media can begin their own attack on the president and the Republican Party. Left-wing media has a history of misrepresentation of facts and is willing to do anything to distract Americans from the real issues that are causing this situation.

Judge’s decision to take light view of rape case

The Judge today took a light-hearted approach to a rape case that was filed by a former jailer. The woman in question was incarcerated in Polk County. In the complaint, she alleged that Christensen had sexual contact with her and led her to an area where there were no cameras and forced the women to perform oral sex with him. The County’s inaction caused constitutional injuries to the two women. However, Christensen’s actions ceased only after they reported the sexual assault.

The District Attorney said Binnion forced the girl to stay in a hotel room for almost three years. She was expected to return to the gathering after her hotel run, but the woman was raped by Binnion. The girl’s parents were present during the hearing, but the judge didn’t hear their testimony. Binnion’s defense attorney says he’s never seen a judge refuse to hear testimony from the victim’s parents.

Sheriff’s Citizen Academy set to begin on March 24th

A new community outreach program is starting in Polk County: the Sheriff’s Citizen Academy. Similar to a police academy, the Academy will give citizens the chance to observe and learn about Sheriff’s office operations. The training consists of classroom sessions with presentations from law enforcement personnel and outside learning experiences, including a ride-along with a deputy. Lyons hopes to break down barriers and open the lines of communication between law enforcement and community members.

The Academy will meet on Wednesday evenings, from 6 P to 9 P. It will be led by a licensed law enforcement officer and will last for 24 hours. Upon successful completion, participants will participate in a graduation ceremony. Afterwards, the classes will be closed, but the Sheriff’s Citizen Academy will continue. The academy is available to the public at no cost to residents of Polk County.


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