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Shadow War Omega Preview and Review

If you’re considering reading Shadow War Omega, you’ll probably find that there’s a lot to consider. I’ll cover a preview and review, and talk about the characters. This review will be fairly spoiler free. I’ll also touch on the art style. I found it a bit rough to begin with, but the final pages are a little smoother.

Shadow War: Omega

The first issue of Shadow War: Omega can be found HERE. You can also click HERE to read related issues and trades. You can also find the book at Amazon’s Online Comic Shop.


Shadow War Omega is the final installment of the Shadow War event, and while it is a messy and clumsy book, it delivers a satisfying third act twist that brings years of DC storylines together. However, while Omega ties into many other events, the event feels played too late, as many of the lead-in and tie-in stories were shallow and disposable. That said, Omega offers more goodwill than badwill, depending on how invested you are in the characters.


Shadow War Omega #1 is a highly anticipated conclusion to the long-running comic book series, “Shadow Assassin”. It will feature new storylines, a powerful new villain, and an epic conclusion that will leave fans in awe. This new issue will be available on September 22. It will feature art by Hi-Fi, Stephen Segovia, Mike Henderson, and Howard Porter, and lettering by Troy Peteri.

Character development

Shadow War Omega #1 closes out the Shadow War arc and serves as a prelude to DC’s Dark Crisis event. The issue presents Geo-Force in an unfavorable light, and doubles down on the hero’s heel turn. Meanwhile, Talia’s character has a redemptive arc. Damian embraces his father’s teachings. And Robin takes center stage, too.


The first issue of Shadow War Omega is filled with action, revenge, and emotional reconciliation. While the book has a lot of exposition, Joshua Williamson manages to keep the story moving at a quick pace. He provides ample backstory for the Geo-Force and their relationship with Slade, while avoiding the cliche of Slade as a villain. While the story does fall a little short of the hyped-up climax, there are still some impressive moments.

Batman #124

Batman #124 is the twentieth issue of Batman (Volume 1) and features the character’s return to Gotham City after the Shadow War. This issue also examines the strange developments in Badhnisia, the return of the Abyss, and a new hero in the dark. The story also features the return of Poison Ivy, who reveals the troubling consequences of Harley Quinn and Gardener’s actions during the Fear State.

War Zone tie-in

The Shadow War Omega and War Zone tie-in was a surprise for fans of the DC Comics superhero team. While the series did not feature an original villain, the series did feature some exciting new characters. The series featured a new character named Angel Breaker, who has an interesting connection with the Justice League. The series was written by Joshua Williamson, and the art was done by Otto Schmidt.


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