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Arcades may not be as popular as they were in the past but there are still some stellar games worth trying out there.
Visiting the local arcade to spend a couple of hours playing the coolest, new arcade games is something that most people enjoyed during their childhood. There's something about the fun atmosphere, exciting graphics, and nostalgic vibes that have fans of arcade games continuing to visit to play. The latest and greatest best, new arcade games are still being released in arcades and are even being adapted for consoles and PC.
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Though the bulk of arcade games were invented back at the end of the past century, there are still new arcade games coming out that either continue the story of fan-favorite classic franchises or are games of new concepts entirely. With technology advancing and gaming getting more interactive than ever, you need to hit up an arcade soon to have a blast playing some stunning modern games. Here are the best ones to look for!
Updated September 20, 2021 by Jourdan Silva: More modern arcade games are being introduced to old school and new arcade spots across the globe. Although arcades may not have the mainstream appeal they once did, there are still a lot of great games to play alone or with friends at arcades. With all the cool tech advancements in public gaming, there are so many new games to try out the next time you visit your local arcade spot!
Released in 2015, this game really hones in on the classic point-and-shoot style of arcade gaming that came out of the '80s and '90s.
Though the graphics are pretty rough and the quality of the game itself doesn't look like it came out of the 2010s, it's still a blast to play and you are sure to spend tons of time (and possibly tons of quarters) trying to make it to the end of this thrilling adventure. The plot follows along with the story of the original three Jurassic Park movies!
Though this game was created in 2006, it still stands as one of the most fun and addicting arcade games that came out of the 2000s. Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice is best experienced with two players, who get to play as the two main characters, Ben and Norah.
Players must battle monsters through, shooting their guns and successfully completing quick-time events to make it off the infested island. At the end of the game, players will be ranked on their compatibility with each other, which is an extra funny aspect to the engaging game.
Square Enix created this series of arcade games, and it is undeniably one of the most unique platforms around. The 2017 game involves placing combat cards on the gaming machine's surface and using those to fight off the virtual enemies.
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The latest installment allows up to 8 players at a time, making it super exciting for friends to play together. A parody version of the game is even featured in Final Fantasy XIV!
This two-player shooter arcade game was introduced in 2020 and has captured the hearts of arcade fanatics. The graphics pay homage to classic, old-school games with a simple, 2D pixel style. Battle it out solo or with a friend as you traverse the many floors of a Gundead infested castle. The enemies, though resembling bullets, are pretty cute and the animation is colorful and enticing! Try this game out the next time you head out to the arcade, or buy your own personal system for $5k.
With Minecraft being such a popular and tranding game on console and PC, developers knew it would be a hit even in arcade form! The brand new Minecraft Dungeons Arcade allows co-op play of up to 4 players at a time, where players can collect gems and fight enemies to proceed through a variety of action-packed levels. Be careful, playing this game is super addicting, you might not ever want to stop!
You and a partner can team up to defeat an army of evil, robotic soldiers in this new arcade shooter game. Take on the roles of two skilled special agents tasked with taking down robots in a skyrise building.
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The best part about the game is the actual elevator doors that open and close in front of the screen, making the whole "elevator invasion" experience more real than ever! Rack up as many points as you can while saving the day from the enemy army.
In this incredible Virtual Reality game, you get to explore Darth Vader's fortress on Mustafar, fighting off foes with your very own lightsaber! You get to fulfill your dreams of being a Force weilding fighter in the Star Wars universe in a form of gaming that is more immersive and interactive than anything ever seen before. Owners of VR headsets can play this game in their own home, or you can head to a nearby arcade to try it out anytime.
Ever felt like hacking an axe as hard as you can at a target? Well, now you can do just that, without the danger of real blades. This brand new modern arcade game allows players to aim and throw hatchets at a big target, racking up points by their accuracy and skill. It's a very hands-on, physical game unlike any other, requiring a good deal of effort and strategy to win big! Get out some anger and energy on this fun, axe-throwing game.
This was initially released in 2010 to all kinds of gaming platforms, from the Playstation to the Wii to specialized arcade machines.
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Fans of Sega can play as any of the main characters from Sonic along with iconic faces from other Sega games and race across fun, action-packed race tracks. Gamers can play alongside their friends or they can focus on beating the CPUs and their own personal records.
This game series has a long history, with the first entry being released in 1996 and the latest one released in 2017.
The crossover fighting franchise is always a favorite in arcades since players can choose from a variety of famous superheroes and powerful fighters from both Marvel and Capcom. The latest game, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, has stunning graphics, exciting combat moves, and flows much easier than the games in the past.
Of course, the ever-favorite Halo series had to take a leap into the arcade business and make a machine of their own. This game came out in 2018 and is an immersive experience like no other. Players can pair up with friends or fight alone to conquer the alien threat. Enjoy the beautiful Halo graphics and creative storylines to escape reality during this engaging play through. Though Halo is arguably best when played on a console, this new and fun way to enjoy the series is definitely a must-try.
Dance Dance Revolution refuses to stop grooving, even after 22 years of making games. The latest release in the dancing-crazy franchise is Dance Dance Revolution A20 and it will keep fans dancing all night long.
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Of course, all the other installments in the series are just as fun. Trying out each game is crucial to finding your favorite songs; there are just so many to choose from. It's the best way to have fun at an arcade while simultaneously learning some new moves.
The fifth game in the Time Crisis series came out in 2015 and it had all of its fans excited to try it out. The game stays true to its roots with its sometimes wonky graphics and nostalgic vibes, but it flows nicely and has an exciting story that will make players want to keep playing until they beat it.
Time Crisis will always be one of those games that continues to be a good memory for those who got to play it as a kid.
This wild new arcade game came out in 2014 and is one of the coolest experiences ever. Fans and non-fans of Star Wars alike will have the time of their life stepping into an actual gaming pod to take charge in a high-flying mission straight from the movies. The machine's chair moves seamlessly with the game on the dome-shaped screen and it's so immersive that you'll feel like you're not in an arcade but in the world of Star Wars. If you've ever wanted to see what it is like to be a pilot, this is the game to try out.
Tekken 7 came out in 2015 and is currently the latest installment in the Tekken series. This game franchise is a widely beloved one in the arcade world, but it has also stepped into console and computer gaming, widening its audience of fans.
The gameplay is stunning, the graphics are much more advanced than previous games, and all the characters that players can choose from are super cool. Many would agree that there's no better fighting game to spend some hours playing than Tekken.
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