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Uncharted Characters – Nathan Drake, Christina-Marie Drake McBrearty, and Rafe Adler

If you’ve never played an Uncharted game, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. This article looks at the characters: Nathan Drake, Christina-Marie Drake McBrearty, and Rafe Adler. The Stealth mechanics are described as well. But before we dive into these three characters, let’s look at how they differ from one another. And, as always, don’t miss the opportunity to leave your comments below!

Nathan Drake

You may be wondering, what is Nathan Drake in Uncharted? Well, he is a fictional character who is the protagonist of the Uncharted video game series. Naughty Dog, the developers of the game series, created the character in 2008.

Christina-Marie Drake McBrearty

The latest news regarding the Uncharted franchise is that its lead designer, Christina-Marie Drake McBrearty has joined the Naughty Dog team as their new recruiter. She will be responsible for building the future team and scouting talent for future Uncharted games. In her first message to the studio, McBrearty mentioned the series in her message to the staff.

Rafe Adler

Compared to other villains, Rafe Adler is more ruthless and charming, and has a great combination of intelligence, sarcasm, and jocularity. This makes him a more challenging character to play than many others. While some people may find him cliche, others will find him to be a worthwhile character. Here are some of the comparisons people have made when talking about Rafe.

Stealth mechanics

Stealth games should be easy to master and should provide ample opportunities to kill, incapacitate, and escape. Players should have the ability to make use of various items and gadgets, such as ropes, which can be used to climb or rappel. Stealth games should also give the player access to useful maps of rooms to plan their actions. However, it is often hard to come up with a unique stealth mechanic that will be appealing to players.


The second installment of the popular Uncharted game series takes place in the Himalayan mountains. The real world mountains are well-known for their breathtaking views and the animators had plenty of visual references to work from. As a result, the game offers breathtaking environments, from snow-covered mountains to icy caves. In addition, the locations have a strong influence on the overall gameplay, which emphasizes death-defying platforming.


The characters in Uncharted games are not always portrayed in the same light. There is one notable exception to this rule: the non-playable character Marisa Chase. Although she only appears in one game, Marisa is a likable character and is even mentioned by name in Uncharted 4.


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